Australian supplier of beautiful organza bags with a gusset for use in party favours, wedding gifts, bombonieres, as promotional bags

Gusseted Organza Bags

These gusset organza bags are better suited to holding round or suare objects such as bottles. The special box folding at the base means they don't loose shape with a bulky object inside. The box gusset includes a white cardboard base. Ideal for large cosmetics or Xmas gift bags. Check out our pictures below

Wholesale pricing to the public and wedding planners and skin care companies.

Organza bag sizes (Outside dimensions)

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size inches
size mm
Mini organza
2.5" x 3.5"
65 x 90mm
Small velveteen pouch
3" x 4"
70 x100mm
Rounded beaded pouch
3.5" x 4"
90 x 100mm
Small organza bags
3.5" x 4.5"
90 x120mm
Medium organza
5" x 6.5"
125 x 170mm
Oblong with gusset
8" x 10"
200 x 250mm
Oblong organza
6" x 9.4"
150 x 240mm
Large organza
10" x 12"
250 x 305mm
Wine bottle organza
6" x 14"
150 x 350mm
Large satin pouch
6" x 9.5"
150 x 240mm
Satin Dilly pouch
6" x 6"
150 x 150mm


What fits in this sized bag?  

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Oblong with gusset
8" x 10"
200 x 250mm


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