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Not sure what size organza bag you should be ordering? Then scroll down to see what the different sized organza bags will hold. It can be tricky to figure it out, because the standard sizes shown, are when the bag is flat. If you put something round or thick in it, it will take up much more room in the organza bag Check out our pictures below

Wholesale pricing to the public and wedding planners and skin care companies.

Organza bag sizes (Outside dimensions)

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size inches
size mm
Mini organza
2.5" x 3.5"
65 x 90mm
Small velveteen pouch
3" x 5.5"
75 x140mm
Medium velveteen pouch
5" x 6.75"
125 x170mm
Rounded beaded pouch
3.5" x 4"
90 x 100mm
Small organza bags
3.5" x 4.5"
90 x120mm
Medium organza
5" x 6.5"
125 x 170mm
Oblong organza
6" x 9.4"
150 x 240mm
Large organza
10" x 12"
250 x 305mm
Wine bottle organza
6" x 14"
150 x 350mm
Jumbo organza
21.5" x 39.4"
550 x 1000mm
Satin Dilly pouch
6" x 6"
150 x 150mm

We can arrange printing onto organza bags

What fits in what sized bag?

Organza with stubbie holder  a beer in an organza bag
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an apple in medium organza bag cake of soap in medium organza bag spice bottle in medium organza bag

Used by every major Botanic Garden for seed collection
seed collection bag

reel in a small bag  reel in a small organza bag

mini organza bag with almonds reel of wire in a mini bag

champagne in an organza bag

large organza bag

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Jumbo bag is 55cms wide and 100cms high
Statue shown is 1.2 Mtrs high and 30cms wide
Jumbo organza bag   very big organza bag

maximum diameter of a cylinder inside this bag is 34cms

exclusion bag

Organza bag sizes

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Organza colour chart
Colour reproduction varies depending on the screen you view it on, so take this as a guide only!


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