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Using Card on file

If you give us permission to retain your credit card details on file, you will not need to re-enter them on the internet. This is both convenient for you, and safer than placing the details on-line.

Is it safe? Once we have your details, it is not necessary to re-type them each time you order, or to phone us. This is the safest method to pay by card, because your card details are no longer being stored or transmitted over the internet. They are instead retained by us, off-line.
How do I do it? The first time you order, you choose "credit card" as your payment option. and check the box next to "Keep card on file". Then click "Send the order now" button to go to our ultra-secure ePath website to collect your card details.
Where are the details stored? We do not store your details in any form of on-line database or file. They are kept by us in our password-protected accounting program. This is even safer than phoning us because your details are not committed to paper.

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